I like the bass when it booms You like the high-end treble I'm like the 99th floor and you're cool on street level

I like the crowd rock, rock, rock rocking it loud

You like the sound of hush, hush Hey! Keep it down

High tops, flip flops, retro dance, pop
Austin & Ally - It's Me, It's You (HD)

Austin & Ally - It's Me, It's You (HD)

We rock different ways Beach bum, city fun, touchdown, home run What can I say - aay - aay

It's me (its me), It's you (its you) I know we're not the same But we do what we do! It's you (it's you) and it's me (and it's me) And who says that we have to agree!

Cause I like What I like And sometimes we collide But it's me (but it's me) and it's you (and it's you)I know we're not the same, but we do what we do!